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Apr 27, 2018, 03:57 pm Last Edit: Apr 27, 2018, 03:59 pm by ieee488
No, I set one file only when AT firmware v1.54 used. This was also described in the guide, you gave provided (http://www.instructables.com/id/ESP-12F-Flashing-AT-Firmware/, Step 3).
And yes, I did read it and it describes it too (see end of "readme.txt").
Look at the JPG/PNG in Step #5



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OK, thanks a lot. Now, when I know, how to flash it, I will only look for the right firmware


This wifi shield is very interesting.

I have emailed CVessey the guy who posted on the Blynk forum about how he is using the shield.
I hope to learn more about it.


That would be great! Anyway, once I will succeed in loading the right firmware up, the whole story starts yet for me: to fund the right libraries for developing...


The biggest problem with these shields is that they often come with some proprietary firmware. Maybe it's useful to some but I prefer to use a firmware that's more commonly used by the community. This means going through the nightmare poorly documented process of flashing the Espressif AT firmware.

The other problem people run into is that the shield uses pins 0 and 1 for communication. That means on the Uno, Mega, etc. that you can't really use Serial for debug output so you're flying blind until you can start receiving debug output over WiFi. Of course it's fairly easy to connect the shield to other pins. If you use it with the Leonardo then that's not an issue since pins 0 and 1 are Serial1 on that board.


Look at the JPG/PNG in Step #5
I did look at the picture and tried to upload the firmware, that has more BIN files. However, the AT firmware was just one BIN file. SO, I used only the on. And what a surprise: it was my biggest success in this topic :-)


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if you upload only the AT firmware user.bin, you leave everything else unchanged. the boot section, the settings section, the SDK settings. The blank.bin clears some settings valid only for the SDK version used to build the user.bin (AT firmware in this case). If the user.bin uses invalid setting from not cleared section, the esp8266 behaves strange.


has a ZIP with some documentation you may want to read
I have read this, try to flash the DOIT firmware, which worked fine, but the shield did not respond at the given IP address. Then I have tried the AT firmware, which did not worked either.


The ZIP file from auselectronicsdirect.com contained a "ESP8266_Doit_ser2net(v2.4.1).bin". I could upload it to the shield. And as I wrote, however, it did not respond at the address, as declared in the docs. As juraj have written, that only one BIN file uploaded at 0x00000 causes the ESP to behave strange, to what addresses should I upload the other BIN file (like blank.bin etc.) then?


I have no experience with ESP-13, etc.

But it seemed you were making progress with the AT firmware.

I have no idea what you mean by "it did not respond at the address, as declared in the docs."


Try AT commands, like AT+CWMODE?



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agrp87132 is right

The Espressif AT firmware does not anything like page that was possible with the DoIt firmware.

The Espressif AT only responds to AT commands.
After you flash the ESP-13 with Espressif AT firmware, you will configure the ESP-13 using AT commands.

At this point you might as well just flash the ESP-13 with Espressif AT firmware.
Try step #7 of http://www.instructables.com/id/ESP-12F-Flashing-AT-Firmware/


Apr 27, 2018, 11:03 pm Last Edit: Apr 27, 2018, 11:04 pm by milanbx
No, no, no, I was referring to what the shield should do, when loaded with the DOIT firmware -  see https://www.auselectronicsdirect.com.au/assets/files/TA0142%20WIFI%20Shield%20Library%20File.zip, "Wifi Shield User Manual .pdf" file.
I fully understand that the AT firmware doesn't provide anything like this.


Because of everything you have done, we don't really know for sure what you ESP-13 shield will do.

Decide DoIt firmware or Espressif firmware.

Don't mix and match.

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