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i Took apart one of my Swann security cameras that has a bnc connector. inside i noticed on the board there are 3 plated holes that are labeled I2C right above. is there anyway i can use an arduino on this? what are my options on anyway i could use this in a project?


Three pins for I2C would mean SCL, SDA, GND. GND is easy to figure out, the other two less so. Try connecting it to an Arduino and run the I2C scanner, see if you get anything.

My best guess of the purpose is control of the camera, maybe downloading stills.
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If the 3 pins are labeled Vcc, Gnd and CVBS, that would mean

Power, Ground and Composite Video Broadband Signal.

I2C is probably a crappy acronym for Internal CC-TV.


An analog camera is unlikely to have i2c bus...


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CVBS. also...
Composite Video, with Burst & Sync
Composite Video, Blanking & Sync
It was distorted over the years by many manufacturers.

Notable difference from CVB with separate Sync
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It might be an analog camera, but the chipset has an I2C EEPROM for settings (Gamma, brightness, line frequency etc)

CVBS is indeed the video output.

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