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Hello everyone! I would like to know if it is possible to transfer data from datalogger (CR200) to an Arduino UNO, without using communication protocols (like I2C, UART)! I want to do it just connecting the wires (like we connect TX (from one Arduino) ---> RX (to another) and RX ---> TX ) between the UNO and the CR200 ! How could I do this?



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This link says that the communication link is RS232.

In that case case, you need a RS232 to USB converter cable and connect it diretly with PC. The data logger should be accompanied with a Software Package.

If you want to collect the data into your Arduino, you need RS232 <-----> TTL Converter chip like MAX232; then, connect the TTL level signals with the UART port (0, 1) of Arduino UNO. You need to write your data acquisition/processing routines using Arduino IDE.



without using communication protocols
If the CR200 expects a communication protocol, then no.

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