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I have different problems saving data into a file at a SD card 256 Mb.

Let me explain the configuration:
The SD Card is formatted in Fat16, and it has a text file with some characters inside. I use the filelogger library with arduino IDE 017. The Arduino board is Duemilanove. The hardware was done following this: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1206874649/8. The devide is stand alone by the use of some AA bateries charged (not really well) by a Solar panel.

The problems that i have are:

1.- Some times when i take the SD Card in order to read the data, the sd Card is empty! The text file is not there!! So, the result is that i lost all the data. It is not something regular so i can´t detect where is the problem. May be it could be related to the lost of power just in the moment when the arduino is trying to save the data???. I don´t know is an idea. Any of you had similar problem? Ideas about where could be the problem and the solution?

2.- I was testing the devide for two months, and today it started to store... in chinese characters!! So it store data, but when i take the sd card and read the stored data, they are in this characters:

when it should be something like that:
0 ; 5/3/2011 ; 20:14:16 ; 4.40 ; 4.96 ; 24.51 ; 28.97 ; 38.49 ; 13.41 ; 2854 ; 21.37 ; 2 ; 21.31 ; 20.94 ; 5398206 ; 36 ; 0.00

I formatted the sd Card and the problem persist. Serial screen shows the correct data, and they seems to be stored on the SD Card, but i don´t know why it produce those extrange characters. I didn´t made modifications on hardware of software in those two months, so i don´t know where is the problem. Any idea?

Thanks for your help!

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