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So, the gui will be 8 squares on the screen coloured red or green according to whether the corresponding output is on or not. A touch toggles the output.

This relay module - does it just take 8 5v inputs, or do you need to communicate with it via some sort of protocol?

Make/Model of the touch screen?


I thought I had posted this here before but I guess not.
I was asked to do something very similar and my decision was to avoid Arduino altogether. Moved the project to a Raspberry Pi and it was much easier.
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I can believe that.

Memory and amount of data to handle will be a great obstacle - Arduinos can handle touch screens as such but it's definitely not their forte. Myself if sticking to the embedded route I'd probably dig up my ESP32 for a project like this.

Handling the relays is trivial of course with an Arduino.
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 I didn't think about that, thank you. but I did think to use a sd card for the touchscreen GUI.

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