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I am looking for program regarding handwriting machine laser.


Code: [Select]

// Intentionally left blank
void setup ()
  // Intentionally left blank

void loop ()
  // Intentionally left blank
You just need to fill in the blanks.

Don't mention it - you're welcome


If you are looking for someone to write a program for you, you should post in "Gigs and Collaboration".

If you are looking for an existing program for an existing machine, try Google.

If you want to help writing an Arduino sketch for some specific device, please explain in more detail what a "handwriting machine laser" is or provide a pointer to an explanation or example.
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I am looking for program regarding handwriting machine laser.
Perhaps you could use the GRBL program to control the positioning of the laser and then create GCode files to create whatever shapes you require. There are PC programs that will convert drawings into GCode.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


If you want a program written, then at some point you will need to describe to your programmer what you actually want.

Why not do that now? Write down what you want and then post it. That way, programmers will be able to see your requirements and judge whether or not they might be able to write the sketch you want.


Very interesting project. Tell me more about it when it will be done :-) I want to hear more about it.
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