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I have a sketch with about a dozen tabs, and I REALLY would like to be able to re-order them.

Is there any way I can have my first tab next to my most recently created tab?

I am going back and forth a lot, and it is a real pain to have to go over to the drop down, scroll down and select the other tab.

eg: I am working in Tab 1, and also Tab 15. Most work is done in tab 1, but I have to jump to tab 15 a lot. and currently, everytime I have to do this:
Go to drop down for hidden tabs, scroll down to  the bottom, and select tab 15. I make my quick 1 line change, then I have to go back to  the drop down, scroll all the way up, and select tab 1.

It may seem like a simple process, but it is a time waster when I have to do it once every 30 seconds.

any advice?


Tabs are ordered alphabetically so you can rename them to make the ones you use the most more accessible.

If you do File > Preferences > Use external editor (check) > OK then you can open the files you need to work with in a text editor and just use the Arduino IDE for compile and upload.

If there are tabs you don't need available for editing in the Arduino IDE you can move them under the src subfolder and update any #include directives accordingly, but be aware you can't do so with .ino files.

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