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A friend and I want to do a project where you can throw an object and it will connect to your phone and tell you how far you threw it, but we don't know what materials we should use, any advice helps, thank you.


If the object is another phone, it should be easy. You'd want to use a high accuracy GPS in the device, so that would probably be the first thing to start with - getting a GPS to reliably report it's position. Then figure what technology you will use to communicate it's location back to you. Seems like it needs to be low power, you don't want to throw an extension cord along with it, I imagine. Plus something to let the device know it's been thrown and has come to a rest.
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The motion sensors of the phone should be able to detect this. Shortly after throwing the accelerometer should read near zero (the only force being the air resistance of it flying through the air, no gravity even as it's in free fall). The impact of the landing should also be easy to detect.

The hardest part is the distance accuracy. GPS is normally not that accurate, a few meters off is normal.
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I am looking to create a device that when I throw it it will give me the distance of the object from point a to point b. then be able to have the data forworded strait to a phone I don't know were to start though


What sort of error can you tolerate?

forworded strait to a phone I don't know were to start though
Your Google searches might go better with better spelling.

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