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my problem is the manual sw reconfiguration of the wifi system on a Yun board. I have five Yun boards working fine on the same net. Not one is the same as the others : a couple of DogHunter/Linino, a couple of GHEO/OpenWrt etc., but even when the maker/OS are the same I found many differences in the file system, configurations etc.

Unluckily I had to reconfigure one of them, a DogHunter/Linino. Linino_version =

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First of all I had an error in the LUCI web panels; tryng to open the reconfiguration panel "Linino Web Panel" I got an error

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"/usr/lib/lua/luci/view/linino/homepage.htm" file not found"

After many trials I decided to try to reconfigure it manually, from the "Administration Panel" that was working. I manually set therefore all the net parameters SSID/key, timezone, password, etc. The IP is got on a DHCP/static basis. At the end I got a board working in the wifi net, talking to the other boards.
But when I try to exit from the net (e.g. ping I get a "network unreachable" error.
I must say that the router seems OK, since
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nslookup openwrt.org
(diagnostic tab in the panel)
gives me the proper IP. Also the
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ping openwrt.org
command first returns the IP address but after says network unreachable. I suppose therefore that I am able to exit from my internal net (192.168), but after it fails.
My net knowledge is rather limited, I must admit that I learnt a lot trying to do the above operations.

I do not know how (and if I have) to handle the resolv.conf (.auto) files in /tmp, that are a link from /etc.

Can someone help me ??

A last minute information :
if, leaving all as above, I just connect the Ethernet cable (and no reboot, no net restart, etc.) as a miracle everything works !!!! From both interfaces !!!!

Where do I fail ?? is any net param that I am overlooking ??

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