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Hi! I've some problems with my new Arduino board (MAKERFOX1200).
Few days ago i've registered the board on sigfox backend's and always seems fine, since i tried to send a message to the sigfox's server. Infact, even following all the First Configuration's steps, the arduino doesn't work. The serial monitor returns me this string :

-Could not get any response from the server, Check the SigFox coverage in your area, If you are indoor, check the 20dB coverage or move near a window.

Even if i go outdoor, in different places, the message returned by the monitor is always the same as before. I'm located in Bari (italy), where there's a full signal coverege (according to sigfox's coverege map).
In the sigfox backend's device list, i see my board without both signal (averege Rssi/snr).
-Last seen : N/A
-Activation Date : N/A

How can i solve this?


Hi @vitanio

Can you share some details to devrelations@sigfox.com, including your device ID ?

There seems to be an issue with your device, as coverage is very good in Bari. Even when applying a 20dB attenuation margin (see attached)

Can you check that the antenna isn't damaged, and is properly connected ?
If you have another 868MHz antenna, try switching just in case.


Hi there,

thanks vitanio, you inspired me and helped me fix my issue: https://youtu.be/uOy_pX7KlI0
but not sure if it will help you,



Hi! I was wondering if you found a solution ? I got the same arduino and like you it seems impossible to connect to the sigfox servers using the basic configuration sketch. I live a few kilometres south of Brussels, in Belgium and according to the coverage maps on sigfox's website it really should not be a problem...

I did notice on my board that the orange led sometimes actually blinks when trying to send the message but often will slowly dim in and out in a very irregular fashion rather than blink.

Could the antenna be the problem? I read on other forums that some people opened the antenna to re-solder the connectors... I am a bit reluctant doing so as the antenna is brand new but I'd really like this to work.

Having read the docs and example code over and over before buying my mkr Fox, having checked coverage, I really thought this first "hello world" part would just work, easy as pie...

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