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I think my MKRWAN 1300 may be bricked as when I connect it to USB I get an unrecognised device message.

Also, appears as unknown device in Universal Serial Bus controllers in Device Manager.

Fast double press on reset button has no effect.

Green LED illiminate and user led on.

Can I recover it from this state?


I don't have a MKRWAN 1300 among my lora devices but I have had similar problems getting the MKR FOX 1200 serial port to appear
I usually
1. open the Control Panel > System > Device manager > Ports  so I can watch the COM ports appear/disappear
2. double cllick the reset button - after a few tries a COM port appears
3. upload the Blink example code so I have a operational program

sometimes when compiling/uploading I have to double click  the reset again
I have also found that the COM port can change after upload

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