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I am currently developing a self-contained "operating system" for cortex-M based microcontrollers.
It is made using 2 boards: 1 for USB host and one as the actual computer
I have a screen attached to the computer board but I am thinking of using a third board to handle graphics.

I am currently using a Trinket M0 for USB and a Feather M4 for the brains

The OS allows you to program the board without the need for a PC. The programming language I'm using right now is Lua (from here: LuaArduino) but I might try to integrate some other languages like Forth or uLisp (circuitpython?).

Planned features:

- USB Keyboard input (done)
- Terminal-like interface w/ horizontal and vertical scrolling (working on) (might release as separate library)
- Lua interpreter (integrated; added Arduino functions, graphics, etc.)
- Ability to load and run programs from an SD card (working on)
- Shell-like command line
- GUI for launching programs (working on)
- WiFi co-processor for downloading files (maybe a really basic web browser)
- Basic text editor

EDIT: Code is on Github now! (just a Lua terminal for now)
Any suggestions/questions/comments are welcome
Also what's a good name for this project? I'm thinking LeafOS (Leaf Operating System) or LeafDE (Leaf Development Environment)

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