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I have a bipolar stepper motor with a rating of 1.2A/phase and 3.3 ohms resistance, since this motor will run on a 4v supply is it safe to power this motor via Arduino's Vin? btw I am using a 7293D h-bridge to drive this motor and basing my circuit from a sample four wire bipolar circuit which can be found here. Here are the list of options I just need some advice which one is the best.

1. Power the motor with an external 4.5v supply connected to pin 8 of L293d. However will that damage Arduino since I'll be powering it from that external 4.5 supply?

2. Power the motor via Arduino's Vin connected to pin 8 of L293D. Since this is a 5v supply this might damage the motor.

3. Can I voltage divide that 5v from Arduino's Vin before going to pin 8 of L293D to supply just enough voltage to the motor?

Thanks in advance!



Thanks anyway I got my answer already  :)

Then I hope the answers told you that the L293D current drive capability is inadequate for the motor you want to drive and also that using a voltage divider in this context is no good.  :)


Yeah that driver heats up so fast =( I was thinking of limiting the current might help not sure though.

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