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Now i'm trying to control my DC motor with H-bridge L293D, i follow the circuit diagram from below link:

but now i using 12 V DC motor,i connect pin 8 and 9 to 12 V power source, pin 16 to 5 V power source, is my connection correct?

If correct , why my motor didnt have any response after i upload the code into arduino?


Check on drawings:

  8, 9 and 1  (LM293) - to +5V ;
  16   (LM293) - to +12V


But pin 8, pin9 and pin 1 is connect to enable motor, so i must use 12 V power source, and pin 16 to supply IC power, therefore i connect it to 5V power source, i dunno whether my concept wrong or not

i oso try connect the pin as you suggest, but it still no respond...

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