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Hello there!

I had an idea of a speaker playing a song as soon as I open the gate of my garage. I made some notes but I still couldn't figure out how it will work.

These are the objects I think could make this possible:

- Battery Snap to barrel plug, so I can power the Arduino Uno:

- MicroSD Card Module, so the Arduino can get the Music:

- Male to Female jumper wires, so I can connect the MicroSD Card module and other modules:

- Trust Ziva USB Speaker, to play the sound:

- USB Module, to connect the speakers to the Arduino Uno:

- 3.5mm Audio Jack module, to connect the speakers to the Arduino Uno:

I don't know a lot about the Arduino so it might help explaining in detail if somebody is willing to help.


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USB speakers require a USB driver (Typically running under Windows, OS-X, or Linux).    And, the UNO is a USB device (like the USB speaker) not a USB host.

Your best bet is an audio shield.   (Maybe that's what you have...  Your image doesn't show-up in my browser.)  They come with various features, but they all have a memory slot, a sample-rate clock, a DAC, and all of the necessary firmware, etc., to "make sound".   The Arduino is just a "master controller", and in some cases the audio shield can work without a microcontroller.

An audio shield will work with regular (analog) powered computer speakers, or with an amplifier and speakers.   Or, some audio shields can drive a passive 8-Ohm speaker (at low power).

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