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I am having issues with the DFPlayer Mini, no sound output.

I am using a Arduino UNO R3. I have the DFPlayer Mini powered by the UNO using the 5v and GND pins on the UNO connected to the VCC and GND pin on the DFPlayer Mini. I have the serial connections as shown on the Wiki, TX to PWM 10/RX to1k resister to PWM 11. I then have a small 4ohm speaker connected to the two speaker connections on the DXPlayer.  I used a voltage meter and the speaker appears to be functional.

I have the audio file on a 16GM microSD card. The mp3 was created with a sampling rate of 48khz. The file is named 0001.mp3 and is located in the only folder on the card called MP3. The track is about 20 minutes long.

I am trying to run the DFPlayer full function program from the DFRobot Wiki.

Looking at the Serial Monitor, I get:

"DFRobot DFPlayer Mini Demo
Initializing DFPlayer ... (May take 3~5 seconds)
DFPlayer Mini online.

No error messages are displayed.

The blue LED blinks several times before staying solid. There is no sound at any point.
DFRobotDFPlayerMini version 1.0.2
SoftwareSerial 1.0
Arduino AVR boards 1.6.21


The blue LED indicates when the player is playing a sound. If you're playing at volume 10 and using the direct speaker output it could be that it is playing but very quietly. Try increasing the volume to 20 or connecting the DAC inputs to an amplifier.


1. ) what is a "16GM microSD card"?   16GB perhaps? 
- try another sd card.  (although it seems to find and initialize fine)

2.) Try other audio clips..  .mp3 and .wav (and not ones you created.. known, good, working files (to eliminate file/format issues)

The output follows these lines:

  Serial.println(myDFPlayer.readState()); //read mp3 state
  Serial.println(myDFPlayer.readVolume()); //read current volume
  Serial.println(myDFPlayer.readEQ()); //read EQ setting
  Serial.println(myDFPlayer.readFileCounts()); //read all file counts in SD card
  Serial.println(myDFPlayer.readCurrentFileNumber()); //read current play file number
  Serial.println(myDFPlayer.readFileCountsInFolder(3)); //read fill counts in folder SD:/03

You only have 1 .mp3 on your card?

As a note.. I have tested with volume @ 7 and can hear it ok...  (not loud but works for sure)..

I tested a speaker @ 25 volume before.. and it seemed like too much power.. playback was clipping and sounded bad/too loud


Looking to try this module. But what I really need, is to skip a track forward, or skip to nth track in alfabetical order.

I am new to the forum by the way !


Then this wouldnt be the board for you.

1.) * It only takes files named in numeric order (001, 002, 003..etc)

2.) To clarify on the above...  "I" dont believe it has to do with the naming convention so much as to how they are loaded/added to the SD card.

first track/file added is treat like the 0001 file from what I recall.

If you can add them in such a way, then you may be able to keep the 'names'  (not 100% on that)..  as well as the (faux) 'alpha order' if the keeping the track names as strings doesnt work.

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