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Dec 11, 2019, 02:28 pm Last Edit: Dec 11, 2019, 03:23 pm by nielsboon
Thanks so much, I got it working now.

It may be easier to just solder a short piece of wire onto the right sides of the shunt resistors, and use those as inputs.

You still need to cut the path that runs between the right sides of these resistors. (so that's two cuts in total, no more)

By the way, there's no need to make a new connection between the left sides of the shunt resistors and the input connectors CH1/CH2/CH3; they're already connected.


if anyone is interested, I have designed an improved version of this breakout board that allows 3 different power supplies; one per channel. No need to scratch tracks. I have also increased the width of the track between the solder points and the sense resistors. They were very flimsy on the original board.

I have made 2 different models with different sense resistor values. One with 0.1Ohm (the same the original board has) and one with 0.01Ohm. The latter has lower voltage drop and 10 times the current range at the expense of lower 4mA resolution (0.4mA with 0.1Ohm).

I sell these on Tindie here:
improved INA3221 breakout-3 power supplies-0.01Ohm
improved INA3221 breakout-3 power supplies-0.1Ohm


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