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Ah, now I see it1 New specs on order ...

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Hi everyone,

Just a question : I would like to help the actual moderator of the french section "Jean-François" and become a moderator (in the french section). Who do I contact for more information ?
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I log on almost every day and behave as a visitor 99% of the time (as Arduino still is a hobby)
Most of the time most spam is removed by the time I login so I guess my effective moderator-mode time is less than 30 minutes per day.
Rob Tillaart

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Spam seems to be getting heavier. I've banned I think 10 accounts already today.
I find on days when moderators are not too active, I get 15-20-25 or more messages of spam reports in my e-mail inbox.
I've been deleting all Topics & Posts when banning, figure that keeps posts from banned authors from being reported multiple times.
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You must make a difference between "global moderator" and "moderator of a subforum"
As "moderator of a subforum" I have not received a single spam report.
I'm fortunately enough moderator of a spam free subforum  :D
Best regards
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What hours are you expected to put in as a moderator? I try to log on several times throughout a day but can have periods of several hours (or days) where I cannot get on due to work/family commitments.




I'd like to put in my official application to be a moderator here. Here's my CV:

2005-2013, administrator of nikoncafe.com under two owners. PHP and control panel management of allforum parameters, including supervision of moderators and moderation of all sub fora. Spam elimination specialist.

2006-2016, moderator of all subfora of nikongear.com. New member liaison and inter-forum specialist. Abstract art moderator.

1999-2002, webmaster and creative content specialist, phoenixcollege.edu. Created and curated all content.

1998-2013, creator, content provider and owner of 101-365.com, an art and science blog. The Premiere art and science blog of the 21st Century. They are all still playing catchup.

1996-2008, creator, webmaster and content specialist, chemlab.maricopa.edu, aka Mr. Science.

I will be happily unemployed (retired) in Febuary 2019, and looking for work. I know the pay will be substantially less then I am used to, but the hours (26/7) are to my liking.

Any openings?

Lemme know via private message please.

What, I need to say something else too?

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