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I brought the Arduino Engineering Kit, I tried to register online and it says the code is invalid. Can you please help me with this issue?

This is my email id : kchintha@patriots.uttyler.edu


 Hello Keerthikumar,

Please get in touch with our online support! support[at]arduino.cc  :)

We will support you.

Best regards,
Valentina Chinnici
Product Marketing Manager (Education)


Dear Valentina,
I would like to know when mkr IMU Shield will be available in the online market.

Best regards

Stefano Arrigoni, PhD


Dear Arduino

The Arduino Engineering Kit FAQ states that the kit will be sold worldwide, but after adding it to my cart I am told that " This product is not available in your country." (I am in Japan)

Is this an error from the FAQ, from my localization ? 
Or is there a Japanese reseller for it ?

Or may be just a matter of timing ?




Hello Jerome,

Please make sure you have entered the correct store. Go to store [dot] arduino [dot] cc/usa

Best regards,
Valentina Chinnici
Product Marketing Manager (Education)


Hello Valentina

I checked, and it is the correct store.

https://store [dot] arduino [dot] cc/usa/checkout/cart/

and the 2 following messages :
"Good news, your order is eligible for FREE Shipping!"  (thanks !)

"Some products are not available in your country. Please remove these products from the cart to proceed to checkout." (Ooops)

and my only product in the cart is this engineer kit :

"Arduino Engineering Kit
* This product is not available in your country."


My purchase of the Arduino Engineering kit, as others have posted, also did not include a back cover label with registration for online access, and Labview registration information.  I have submitted emails with purchase receipts,  to support and engkit email accounts.  How long is the norm for a response?  Any help is greatly appreciated!


@dgirman created a dedicated thread for their issue with the Arduino Engineering Kit:


I understand that buying the Arduino Engineering Kit allows me access to the various software for one year.  After the one year is up, will any software already up and running on a project continue to work?  Can you please give me some idea for the cost of extending the software licenses?

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