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Good day.

I am trying to create an animation with the LED Matrix - Serial Interface RGB with backpack from Sparkfun. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/760

My code knowledge is still very low, so I have pulling Code from the RGBMatrixDemo.pde, deleting different sections to try and get what I want to work.

Here is a link to the tutorial from Sparkfun, with the RGBMatrixdemo.pde in the RGBMatrix Library.


I am trying to create an animation with 10 different frames. In this code i have input what I am trying to get for the first frame, but am having some issues.

1. seems as if matrix is unaligned, the rows and columns do not seem to be matching up to what i think they are.

2.the corner LED which should be (0,0) is intermittently flashing a purple tone of LED, not sure where it is comming from in code. This same light is happening in the unedited version of  RGBMatrixdemo.pde.

here is video for visual.


Thanks any help greatly appreciated.

Code: [Select]
//Define how many LED matrices are connected to create the frame.
int NUM_BOARDS = 1;

//Colors are defined in the RGB.h file
//Creating an array of the colors makes them easier to cycle through. Read the rest of the sketch to see how this is done.

void setup()
   delay(5000);        //The matrices won't start accepting data for 5 seconds after they are powered up.
   RGBMatrix.begin(NUM_BOARDS);    //Start the communication with the LED matrices.

void loop()

//Put the image onto the frame.

   //This section uses the fillRow function to fill the frame with differnt colors row by row.
   //Repeat this section for each color in the 'colors' array.
       //Fill the frame 1 row at a time.
           //Fill the row on every board in the frame.
           for(int board=0; board<NUM_BOARDS; board++)
           //Update the display each time we add a row.
       //After adding all of the rows to the frame, we want to remove them.
       //We can 'remove' a row by coloring the row with black.
       //Add a black row to the frame 1 row at a time
           //Add the black row to the entire frame.
           for(int board=0; board<NUM_BOARDS; board++)
               RGBMatrix.fillScreen(board, BLACK);
           //Update the display with the 'removed' row.


It looks to me like you have done everything correctly.  It looks like an extra byte is getting send across the SPI interface and is being used for the value of the light at 0,0.  Could you have an old copy of the matrix library?
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I have pulled the library from here.


under the required firmware,

    * RGB Matrix Library
    * RGB Matrix Hex File
    * Optiona: RGB Matrix v5 Source

I am not to sure what i am suppose to do with the RGM Matrix Hex File and the RGB Matrix v5 Source, can i use with Arduino?


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That's version 5 library with the v5 firmware for the matrix modules.
When you power the matrix's, does a number or a series of RGB dots in the corner appear?
If you have dots, then you will probably want to reprogram the matrix's.
You'll need an ICSP programmer or an Arduino to reprogram the matrix's firmware.

From what I remember, people were having problems when using more than one matrix.  A data byte would get lost or added between the modules.  I think people turned to controlling each module individually which I'm assuming worked but wasn't optimal.

If you need v4 libraries or whatnot, pm me.  I have backups of previous versions if it's helpful.


yeah when i power on, its:

Black, Black, Red,Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue.

Can I not reprogram the matrix to v4 like it is in the tutorial?

or do i need another piece of hardware?


The tutorial you listed doesn't show reprogramming just connecting and driving..
Take a look at this..

This is one you will like!  A tutorial on reprogramming matrix modules...


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