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Hey guys, I just got my first board. Its a ESP32. I installed the Arduino software, ESP32 addon from GitHub, xtensa and everything..
When I connect the board to USB cable the LED on the board lights up but the software doesnt recognize it. It actually says there is nothing there.
In my device manager I have no COM/LPT ports (I have hidden devices shown). The PC is new and it physically doesnt have those ports
Any help would be appreciated


I agree.. But you can install "addon" from github and then it works...


Hello there
I have the same problem:
I installed a new board type using Git , it allowed me to use my LoRa Wifi 32 board, but I can't manage to get it reckognized by Arduino,
I can select the board, I have code examples that are linked to this board, but I can't select any COM port when I plug my LoRa device
It's a TAD annoying when I need to upload some code on it.
Could anyone try to help us ?


I agree.. But you can install "addon" from github and then it works...

Oh, gee.

You don't need our help anymore.

I will let everybody know the next time you post here not to bother with answering your questions since you already have the answers.



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Did you install the driver for the serial interface chip on the development board you're using?

If not, that's your problem. Identify the serial interface chip, and then google that part number, your OS, and the word "drivers".

May also be a bad cable - there's a plague of power-only cables lately.
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Hello, sorry for the very late answer, got a really busy week end.
I had found a tutorial on how to install the library using Git, but I'm not sure about the drivers, Arduino did some updates but not my computer.
I'm gonna install an usb to uart driver and tell you the outcome
Thanks for your advice !

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