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Hi All,

Ive just started to get into Arduino and thought of creating a simple games controller.

First off I used a couple of Pot's to control a simple sprite in XNA by adding a windows form to the XNA project. This way I could use the serial port for the comms as well as see the data coming in. I then made the values public so they could be used within the XNA game as a variable, not a problem, worked well.

I replaced the pots with a AXL335 got the data and such and extended the programme to use the 3 axes, now heres the problem. There is a huge lag in the data from the Arduno to the XNA form about 30 seconds. Has anyone tried communicating into XNA this way? If not any pointers?

Thanks in advance.


Can you post code on the arduino side, and the XNA side that reads the serial data? 

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