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Hi all,
I want to make temperature monitor using SigFox MKRFOX1200 and sensor TC74 A0 3.3V
I want to be sure of the connections as I  made many trails and the sensor is not recognized ...
I connected:
 SDA in sensor to SDA(pin 11) in the kit
 SCLK in sensor to SCL(pin 12)in kit

I use pull up resistors between the Voltage (I tried 5 Volt and 3 and 4.5 and Vcc ) and the SDA and SCL
I read that the range should be between 2-10 kilo Ohm so I tried many values in this range and still not recognized
I even got a newer sensor coz i thought i might have damaged my sensor..

If anybody can figure out what is  the problem I will be sooo grateful

Thanks in advance


It worked when I used :
1. Two parallel resistors each 5kohm and connected them between SDA and 5volt
2. Two parallel resistors each 5kohm and connected them between SCL and 5volt
3. Connected the sensor to the 5 V pin in the kit

Have a nice day :)


It worked when I used :.....
So you must have disturbed the wiring to correct something because there is no way using pull up resistors on Arduino outputs will make any difference. Also even if it did then using two 5K resistors ( a none standard value ) would be no difference from using a 2L to 3K resistor which you said you tried in the first post.

So it might be working but not because of what you did intentionally.


Don't use pull up resistors to 5volt on a 3.3volt processor.

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