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Hello there :),

aim of the project:

Using the esp8266 to read out calendar data of my outlook account.

Does anyone have experience in reading out outlook mail data by using a microcontroller?


I tried to get access to the microsoft graph, but it doesnt work!

Thank you!


I tried to get access to the microsoft graph
How is none of your business!
but it
I'm not going to tell you what "it" is!
doesnt work!
I'm not going to tell you what I mean by "work".

Thank you!
You're welcome.

Maybe a few more clues, next time?
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Suggest you try to make it work on your PC using a scripting language first to figure out the URLs and OAuth first before attempting to port to ESP8266.   The ESP8266 may not have sufficient resources to reliably handle the https:// encryption that's needed.

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