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This is about a smoker controller I am building, using a mkr1000 (to use the wifi feature).  My quandary is whether pin headers are reliable connection for the Arduino board.  This is only my second Arduino project, and on the first I used an Uno with a screw shield, so did no soldering.

For this project, I decided to build the circuit on strip board.  I installed female headers on the strip board, and male headers on the MKR100 - so I could easily replace the Arduino if need be by just plugging/unplugging from board.  (See attached photo)

Some background, which is probably useless, but some want the surrounding circumstances:
For the record, the project tests out on the breadboard ok. When I tested it out in the enclosure without securing the lid, it also worked OK.  But when securing the lid, a cable bears against the Arduino a little, applying a little pressure on it. Then when I press buttons, which are on the lid, the operation will occasionally drop out and restart as if vcc is interrupted.  Then, I found when the enclosure is open, I can cause the dropout by pressing against the Arduino in different directions.

Now, the meat:
Further, if you look at the pic, the arrow points to a single header position, which I had to add to the header block after I discovered I was one position off when I originally installed the block.  This is true for both blocks.  And, I superglued the single ones to the blocks - and unfortunately spilling a little glue into the holes on this block. I noticed this when I did it, but seemed to achieve continuity by working a pin in and out several times.

And finally, the quandary:
So, glue may be the problem.  Maybe the only problem.  But I have to fix it, and that means deciding between replacing the headers - or soldering the MKR100 to the strip board.  I figured there is probably an already established best practice for connecting Arduino for permanent application, but I couldn't find it.

Thanks for any help


You might be able to replace the plastic part of the header by pulling it up off the pins.
Then you also can replace a single pin if you need to.

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