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Hello everyone,

Arduino newbies here...I'm currently working on a project that needs me to control my build using the android app. The communication will be made via the bluetooth module HC05 to my Arduino MEGA. The problem i'm having right now is that i can't receive the information sent from my android app. I tried using the Arduino UNO to run the same program and it works but not on the MEGA.

So i was wondering what could have been the reason? Could it be the pin numbers, different libraries, or is it something else?

Thank you and have a nice day


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It is hard tho tell you what you have done wrong when we have no idea what you have done.  A schematic and the code that works on the Uno and a schematic and the code that does not work on the Mega could give us the information to help you.


Without a wiring diagram to know what you actually did..

my guess is that you used an alternate (hardware) serial port?  UNO only has 1 (hardware) one.. Mega has several.

If you used software serial.. then make sure you use the same pins I guess??


Yes, exactly. I have to use the Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3 when using the MEGA. It was just a tiny problem. My bad, i should have done a little bit more research and studying.

Nevetheless, thank you for your time and i'm sorry for your trouble.
Time to go to work.

Have a great day guys.

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