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Hi everybody. I want to ask if someone can advise me how i can resolve this problem: I m building up a drone controlled by arduino for an important school project.i ve already bought everythind and also build it up.. I have serious problem in maintaining the stability (thanks to the sensor MPU6050) but it's too unstable.. Is there anybody who can give mecsupport or only a sketch to do it ??? Thanks.


Hi matteov,

Drones are always cool, but can also be tricky.
In order to help you we do need some more information (and pictures and code).

Also what do you mean with "stability" (for instance do you mean stability in the output of the accelerometer or the height of the drone or....)

So please give us pictures or schemes of your wiring, more details on the problem, your code and anything else that might be useful.



Hi Matteov,

Indeed they are many things that can go wrong while building a done and the stability can be affected by many factors (Mechanical, Electrical and Software). So if you could give us more informations like:

- The type of drone that you are building (Quad rotors configuration or not)
- The arduino and controller that you are using
- Algorithm (PID or something more fancy etc..)

We can give you pointers to where the problems might be


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