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Hello everyone

I have used the GFXadafruit modified Library for 1/4 scan rate on 32*16 1/4 scan rate panel and it worked fine.

When I tried it on 32*32 one from the same out door p10 dip type which has only A and B pins and not A,B,C & D, it showed me a messy parts throwing everywhere.

for my project i need it to show only numbers in different colors detected from a radar sensor.

So did any one face this problem and solved it?

Is there any compatible library that i can use it with my Arduino UNO or Mega that could allow me to print numbers on it?

I would love to make it work with GFXadafruit library.
My project is done if I can fix this problem  :-\


Hi Walid, if you want to have any hope of getting help, you will need to read the forum guidelines in the sticky post. They will tell you what you need to post and how to post it correctly. Without that information, certainly no-one can help you.

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