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Wouldn't it be nice to add sounds to any electronics project you make?
Sometimes you want to make an alarm to wake up or you want to hear your favorite song automatically when your wife comes home.
It can be hard to implement melodies to your project without interrupting the main code.
There is no reason anymore to keep nice sounds away from your project because now there is RetroSound.

RetroSound is made in Holland and designed to add sounds in the easiest way to your projects.
This is interesting to everyone who loves to play with, for example, Arduino.
It can be hard for beginners to implement sounds in a code, which is doing other things.
Interrupts and timers are unavoidable and delays cannot be used anymore.
RetroSound is a small module which connects to the microcontroller with only one UART pin.
The microcontroller sends the command to the RetroSound and the module begins to play.
It cannot get easier than this.

The project is launched yesterday at Kickstarter for a low price and very low shipping rates.
Another interesting thing about the campaign is that the backers decide which melodies will be implemented in the RetroSound.

Let me know what you think of it!

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