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Op's drawing, rotated, cropped, resized and isolated:

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You need to connect your modules in a star configuration to make sure the display gets sufficient supply current.

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The problem with the erratic response is probably due to signal degradation - as the clock and data
signals move from unit to unit there will be degradation particularly of the clock signal - fast logic signals are
not designed to travel more than a foot or so without some sort of conditioning either at sending end
or receiving end or both.

I would suggest adding 100 ohms in series with the clock signal at receiving end of every cable run, and
using a lower data rate.  If the cable runs are more than a few metres you really need to use a physical
signalling method designed for distance, such as RS485.

Regenerating the clock signal at each stage with a buffer is a very good idea - the data already gets
regenerated by the shift register.
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