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I have an Arduino Uno card and I try to use it with My Computer (Window 10) But the latter does not recognize my card.
I uninstall the peripheral etc. but at each times, the computer and the card do not communicate (the LEDs TX and RX remain off)
Thank you for helping me if you can.
And sorry for my English but I am french.


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HI !
Why don't you go to French language forum ?


Have you tried these steps:
Go to Start > type 'device manager' > double click the first result to launch the Device Manager.
Go to Ports > locate the Arduino UNO port
In case you can't find that port, go to Other Devices and locate Unknown Device
Select the Arduino UNO port > click on Update Driver
Select the option 'Browse my computer for driver software' > go to the Arduino software download location > select the arduino.inf file/Arduino UNO.inf (depending on your software version)
Wait until Windows finishes the driver install process.

Incase if this also doesn't work try doing it on another PC or laptop. Also, check your wires are working properly or not.
Hope this solves your problem.


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