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Aug 26, 2018, 12:46 am Last Edit: Aug 26, 2018, 12:48 am by amr002eg

I just bought some wifi smart switches from lanbon


I found that they using a Hi flying LPT220 wifi module & STC15W408S chip

here are the photos of the disassembled switch

can any one help me how can i control the switch without using the lanbon app

I need to configure (reflash)  it to work with home assistant alike sonoff


You need to find an IDE for the STC15W408S chip, a programmer for it , and learn the protocol for the LPT220 WiFi module. So nothing to do with Arduino. (I'm not sure you understand WHAT Arduino is if you are asking this question).
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thanks for your reply.

I'm beginner to arduino.

However, I tried several times to connect ESP8266 in sonoff, so I imagined its like sonoff.


I need to configure (reflash)  it to work with home assistant alike sonoff
If you want it to work like a sonoff, buy a sonoff. Your chances of modifying those units to behave and function as you want is about zero. That could be a month long project for an experienced STC engineer which means you speak Mandarin since STC is a Chinese part with next to no English support, other than the poorly translated datasheets.

STC parts cannot be programmed in the Arduino environment. They are 8051 based core parts and while there is decent, free C compiler available, an inexperienced person could spend a week or more just learning how to get a simple blink the led program compiled and uploaded.

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