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Jun 13, 2018, 03:04 pm Last Edit: Jun 13, 2018, 03:23 pm by landscape
Hi everyone,
im trying to simply plug a LED display 8x8 but my display screen doesn't display my byte array.

i've tried to use a basic digitalWrite but my screen doesn't display my datas correctly...
then i've tried tu use LedControl library but i've the same render.

i've plugged the screen like this :
VCC -> 5v
GND -> GND...
CLK -> pin 10
MOSI -> pin 12 ( i think MOSI is lie dataIn )
CE -> pin 8

as you can see on the attachment with two different cards i've got the same effect when i try to draw this byte array :

byte icks[8] = { B00000000,

Perhaps my display screen is not correctly plugged...
Or perhaps the display doesn't work...

this is the display led 8x8 matrix model i've ordered :

What am doing wrong ?
this my second experience with Arduino and its never work so i can't explain the why...
is it possible that the new ordered material is disrespectful?

Please tell me what you think because I do not see why the material I ordered would not work ...


There are no attachments.

How did you know what to do to drive the display?

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