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I am following these docs


to get my Yun accessible via REST. However, all I currently get is "Could not connect to YunServer 146 Connection refused" when hitting "..../arduino/digital/13".

Also, when compiling those examples, I get the message that YunServer and YunClient are deprecated.
Where is the new documentation? What do I need? Just Bridge, BridgeServer and BridgeClient? What is the new "flow" ?



That error message typically means that your sketch is not properly running a YunServer, and is not accepting YunClient requests. Please post your complete sketch. Also, try running the Bridge tutorial example, without an modifications.

Don't worry about the deprecated messages right now. YunServer and YunClient still work. It is not worth trying to change over to the new BridgeServer and BridgeClient classes until you understand how things work. It's just a warning that those old classes may be removed in the future, and you should consider replacing them with the new classes when starting new designs. (I still have plenty of working code that uses YunServer/YunClient.)

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