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Yes the Drain of the mosfet is connected to the female header pin1.  Here is the Drain connection in yellow, both to diode (in blue) and female header pin 1 (in fuscia):

As for the Gate, yes its also connected to D5 which activates it and to the GND pin thru the 6.2k R (all in light blue).

Did you verify that with a continuity tester [or similar]?
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ok i tested and found a break.  The top wire connecting mosfet Drain to female header pin was disconnected on one end.  I must have forgot to solder it from the very beginning.

Ive tried it 2x on separate days now since the fix and it works consistently and letting the actual 9v battery voltage through, so I get 9.56 whereas before when I did get voltage through it was 8.5 or so.

So thanks guys!

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