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I'm making a sliding table.
I used a 1610 ball screw/nut and worm gear DC motor.
The motor is controlled by 2-channel relay (CW, CCW)
Speed control is not done.

It works well.
But the noise is too much.
I know that the bldc motor is noiseless, but I don't want to use a separate controller.

How can we solve it?
Please help me.


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Try mounting the motor/gearbox on a flexible, vibration absorbing pad.

A flexible (rubber tube) coupler from the gearbox shaft to the lead screw might also help.
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I agree with jremington. That is gear noise being amplified by being attached directly to a big plywood sheet.

The screws need to have rubber between them and the box, too, or the noise couples via the screws.
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Silent gears cost more, unfortunately.  Belt drive may be quieter.  But I agree, mounting directly on a soundboard
won't help!
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Lubricate the gears!
Much of the noise is carried through the metal, radiated from the soundboard, using grease
can reduce noise, but its not likely to cure the problem.  Grease is better than oil for this, but
reduces gear efficiency through viscous friction, especially at speed. 
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