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Hello insiders

We have the following Arduino-setup for this automatic Arduino goal counter.

Now, in addition, we would like to make our system read the voltage of its own USB powerbank source so that we could make the two LED display points blink when the USB voltage falls under a certain voltage.

We have read through some similar threads here but still cannot figure out:

> the additional connections (and resistors) we need for measuring our powerbank. I think we have to compare it to Arduino's internal power pin, right?
> the code we than need to measure the powerbank voltage
> the code to make the LED points blink if the power bank voltage falls under a certain level

Please check the link above for picture enlargements and the existing code.

Thanks for help on any of these elements



If you are powering your board through the USB port, there is no on-board regulation so the board operates at the voltage supplied.  If you measure that voltage with an analog pin, it will give you that voltage since the input voltage is the reference.  You will have to have another reference to detect the voltage level drop-off


No-can-do with a powerbank.
The boost converter in the powerbank will keep USB voltage 5.0volt until the internal ~3.7volt lithium battery is flat, and then switch off.
To know when this is about to happen, you need to have access to the actual battery inside the powerbank.


Ok, thanks for your information and help!


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