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i have a small problem with this tft display when i connect it up to my arduino nano i get a white screen, but when i reset the arduino it shows the display as it should untill i let go of the reset button then it goes back to a white screen

the pinout of the screen is

// GND              -- GND
// 3V3               -- 3.3V
// CS                 -- A3
// RS                 -- A2
// WR                -- A1
// RD                 -- 3.3V
// RST                -- A0
// LED                -- GND
// DB0                -- 8
// DB1                -- 9
// DB2                -- 10
// DB3                -- 11
// DB4                -- 4
// DB5                -- 13
// DB6                -- 6
// DB7                -- 7

any ideas on why this is doing this?


Open-Smart appear to have a 220x176 shield with RM68130.   I can not find LGDP4524.   But it is probably similar.

I would expect to see LCD_RD on A0.   And there to be no LCD_RST pin.    The other boards use a MAX809R Reset controller.

If you have bought a shield,  why not buy a proper Uno to mate it with?

Please post a link to what you have actually bought.
And a link to whatever hack they have done to my library.

If you are prepared to test,   I will add LGDP4524 to the proper MCUFRIEND_kbv library.



here's a link to what i have bought. Theres also a link for the drivers on the page.
I have got an arduino mega 2560 but cant get that to work with the screen. i also have an uno on order.



They are evil b*stards.    Open-Smart clearly say that it is a 3.3V display.   DX.com leave it to the small print.

- Compatibility: Because the logic level is 3.3V, it is compatible with 3.3V Arduino board, you generally need to add a level conversion circuit if you use a 5V Arduino Board (Arduino UNO R3 / Arduino Mega2560 / Arduino Leonardo).
You will damage the screen if you use 5V logic.
Adding level-shifters or resistors to a parallel display is more trouble than it is worth.

I have the equivalent 176x220 3.3V display with ILI9225 controller.
It works fine with 3.3V logic (and official MCUFRIEND_kbv)

Open-Smart and other Chinese companies sell Uno clones with switchable 3.3V / 5V logic.
Life is so much easier when you have 3.3V logic.    And yes,   they run fine @ 16MHz.


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