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Hi guys,

Just a quick back ground on my project. I am trying move an object vertically downwards (approximately 5-7mm) and while doing so, apply a force that linearly increases from 0N to 50N. The object that I am trying to move weighs about 0.5kg. The speed is not that important but the force is. What is the best way of achieving this?

I was thinking about using a mini linear actuator for example L12-P Linear Actuator with Position Feedback by ACTUONIX. I can control this actuator with the LAC board or an Arduino and calibrate the force. But where can I find a working code for the Arduino to carry out this function? Any help wuld be greatly appreciated.

Thank You 


Hi rashik,

I worked with actuonix stuff before and the LAC and a linear actuator can definetly do what you want.

Have a look at this example actuonix with arduino

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