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Hello i tried the Examples in the Arduino Lib. But i cant connect.
Has Anybody some Knowhow with this Board?

How is the best Start?
2 Antennas testet, both nothing.

My SIM is German Carrier Congstar (Mobilephone with Data, no Onlydatacard), but in the Cellphone the Card works fine without PIN...

While im on testing o got the follwing results...

Example "Bandmanagement":
Current band:EGSM_DCS_MODE
...not changed since i buy the Arduino

Example "PINmanagement":
PIN/PUK locked...try it in a cellphone
-> this i did then, ... and it works without problems and i have data "H"

...Modem is functoning properly

GSM networks scanner
...thats all, it hangs at this


some OKs...

some Errors...


try delay reponse after  set band

GSMBand band;
  String bandName = band.getBand(); // Get and print band name
  Serial.print("Current band:");
 bandName = band.getBand(); // Get and print band name
 Serial.print("Current band:");


I have the same issue. I use 2 sim cards, a main and a second card. The second card works fine and in debug mode I get the AT+CREG 0,1. The main card stays on CREG 0,0.


For anyone, looking for info on this, check the band used by your carrier through this site https://www.worldtimezone.com/gsm.html and change your band to the correct one using Band Management, I had to use the last option even though the E-GSM & DCS should work but the carrier was autoconnecting me to 3G which used 2100MHz.

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