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The MKR GSM 1400 has a white plastic edge connector opposite the LiPo battery connector on the long edge.  The connector has 5 pins with 1mm spacing.  What is the type of this connector and what is it actually for? I have tried tracing the pins on the Eagle schematic, but I am no wiser after attempting this.



I've attached a pic in case this helps anyone...


You know I'd never even really looked to hard at that connector Jacro. Now you have me curious though, I couldn't see any mention of it on the pinout jpeg pic in the documentation page.

Hopefully someone knowledgeable about the MK GSM 1400 comes along.

It looks like a 5 Pin JST connector though, if that helps you at all.


I emailed arduino support and had this very helpful reply...

Moreover, regarding the connectors, there are the J4 and J7. The first one [J7] is an additional I2C Port, meant as an extension of the I2C bus. It's a small form factor 5-pin connector with 1.0mm pitch. The mechanical details of the connector can be found in the connector datasheet.  The I2C port in addition to the SDA and SCL signals includes the GND and +5V power rails and a digital pin that might be useful when designing an expansion.


Interesting, I wonder if I can use that I2C port to connect a regular Arduino to my MKR GSM 1400. That would actually be really handy as some of the stuff I have like a barometer doesn't appear to work with the MKR GSM1400. This would mean I could plug in a normal Arduino Duo or similar via that I2C port and read the Baromoter remotley...

More on I2C in the Wire library:

This how I2C works page looks alright too.

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