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Hi all,

Been lurking and reading and learning for a long time in here.

I have seen an example of using an excel spreadsheet to control leds. http://www.flickr.com/photos/txross/4276026790 This guy is using what I think is 5v led strips as his LED source. Have seen them before and might grab some soon.

It seems like this is best option for me but I cannot find any info on how this actually works. Was going to use shiftbrites but have reverted to plain blue leds for now as it seems to less taxing on my head.

Has anyone here seen an example of this or know of a site that can explain how to go about this. Searched every possible option in this forum but most things were geared towards outputing text for a matrix and things like that. Thanks.


In the description it says "using Excel to create the digitized images and generate the code needed".  I think he's designing the image in Excel and then converting the colors to the binary codes needed by his program to drive the LED strips.  The output is VERY slow so you need to do a time exposure to show the image.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the explanation. I want to use this for photography too. Done lots of light painting before
:p by mamama, on Flickr
up to now the patterns are just be on some plain button switches..

but this is the first exercise in controlled lights. Trying to build a new setup for a new project that I want to do.

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