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First of all let me apologize because of my English and if this topic is in wrong place.

I am very new to arduino. recently i have got an video about the PC hardware monitoring in youtube. can anyone please help me to build one like this ? i know very basic of the arduino. like for this project i have to use something called open hardware monitoring tool and somehow linked the data with Arduino.

the video i saw is below;



Here is a similar project, but better described: https://www.hackster.io/zakrzu/arduino-pc-monitor-66c07a

Most of the work is on the PC to regularly export the computer statistics via its serial port. Receiving and formatting the results on the Arduino, to display on the screen, is the easier part.


thanks mate. i did made that one. and it is running successfully (though i had to made some changes by my own) .... but i was looking for something with a 1.8 inch TFT LCD display. could u please help me on that ?


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Go on.   If you can use a 16x2 display,   it is not difficult to use a small TFT colour display e.g. ST7735.

Install Adafruit_ST7735 library or similar.

There are equivalent library calls for init / begin.   And for setCursor() and print().
tft.fillScreen(BLACK) is the equivalent of lcd.clear()

Most 7735 displays are 3.3V.   Your Uno is 5V logic.
Either buy a 5V display or provide your own level shifters



Thanks a lot... i will try and  let you know :)

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