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I would like to know if it is possible to use ARDUINO to make a beacon
HAMRADIO ??? All I would have to do is to link ARDUINO on VHF or UHF Transceiver so that it sends
code written mose in the arduino.


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Here's a shield:

It can do morse code.

Oh yeah, it can do APRS-type packet, too.



very well also scientist APRS. I am already well equipped with APRS but the idea of making a tracker with ARDUINO is interesting.
Now for my second plan, I would therefore like to make a beacon VHF.

It there in some days I ended this



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Something that I've had on my list for years is to work with this:


It has an SPI interface and can generate signals up to 150MHz.  It would be reasonably straightforward to make a 2m CW beacon (or even a 6m beacon, I guess) from one of these and an arduino, although you'd need a bit of RF amplification to get any usable range.

9600 baud FSK packet would probably be doable as well, but 1200 isn't so simple, since it's AFSK and has the phase continuity requirement.


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