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Hi my fellow friends, i am a beginner in the Arduino. I search everywhere on how to connect the high voltage power supply model AHV12V4KV1MAW from Analog Technologies to Arduino board in order to control the voltage. I hope some of you could share some example or idea. Thank you and have a nice day all


It takes a 0..5V analog control input, so a PWM pin into an RC low-pass filter suggests itself as a way to control it.

So share grounds and connect the output of RC filter to the control input.
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Hello Everyone, I have a related question, and I hope it doesn't sound too uneducated (which I am).  If the output voltage of a power supply such as the Analog Technologies AHV12V4KV1MAW is controlled off an Arduino PWM pin, will the ps output be a PWM'd voltage or will it be a stable, pure DC voltage?  Thank you to anyone who might have some input.

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