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Im running motor using this one motor driver that can withstand up to 20amps. My motor however has a rated current of 22amps. Right now, im using PWM to reduce my motor speed to 50% lower because i dont need that much speed. Does this also reduce my motor's output current to half? ( 11amps approx) ? does it mean now its safe to use the motor driver? so now should it have output current of 11A instead of 22A ??



No. You have n% of the time 100% (+extra) of 100% current and (100-n)% of the time 0% current. But it will keep the motor cooler - and the driver wormer.


My motor however has a rated current of 22amps.
What does that mean. Operating current at max load?
Stall current (that the motor driver must be able to handle) of that motor might be 100Amp.
Post links to the motor and the motordriver.


Motors don't have output current they use INPUT current. The amount the motor takes depends mostly on the load placed on the motor. So have you measured the current that your motor is using in the way you're actually using it? The fact that the motor is rated for maximum 22A (probably continuous) doesn't mean it will take that amount. If it's only turning a very light load it may take a lot less than that even at full voltage. If you loadit heavily, like when it's near to stalling, it will try to take more. So if you're running with only light loads you may have no problem but it needs measurement to tell.


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