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I had another stab at this over the weekend and managed to get the original library (linked on the blog) to send and receive from the same sketch, so I started using that but soon found it was missing some features (like hash decoding for raw codes and less protocols).

So I started taking features from the newest library and adding it to the old version (checking that it would still send AND receive after each change) and then uploaded it onto git:


I believe it is either the support for extra boards, the multiple receivers or ability to use different timers that breaks the sending and receiving, so I haven't added any of them yet. But will mess around with it some more (as I would like to use it on a mega2560).


hey Targettio nice one!

I've just been flat out and its taken till now to put the circuit back together to try out your library.

I was soo excited!! :D and it works!!! its amaaaazing!!!!!!! cheers mate! Now to finish this project haha


Have you thought of using something other than IR remote control protocols?  Could you hook your IR receiver to a serial input?
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I have loads of remotes all with volume control but only one of them actually can change the volume of my home theatre (the amp remote). So I wanted to make a device that would receive the volume commands from all my remotes and send a volume command to the amp. So I needed to be able to send and receive commands.

I also have a ethernet net shield as a secondary interface (so I can control my HT stuff from my computer/phone).


Omg! Targettio thank you so much, your modified library is amazing! :D  :D

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