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I have the korg nano kontroller which I thought could be a useful slider/button input device for controlling lights on the arduino.
It is a midi controller that connects to the computer using usb, which made me assume that I could connect this more or less directly to the serial port of the arduino, using the midi library.

I cut a usb cable and connected v+ and gnd to arduino vcc and gnd, and then the D+ D- to tx-rx on the arduino (I wasn´t sure if D+/D- was supposed to go to rx or tx, but I tried both).
I use the simple midi-in example that comes with the midi library, just modifying it to look for CC instead of PC.

With this setup when I connect the nano kontroller, the red light on the controller lights up for a few seconds and then dies. I first thought that it needed more power, but connecting a power supply to the arduino didn´t help. So, basically not much happens.

My second thought was that there could be a conflict with the serial port since the arduino was originally connected to my computer with usb, but there was no difference after disconnecting it and running it on external power.

Am I missing something very basic?


I guess my attempt was slightly optimistic. After more googling I came across an article on Make which explains how to this:
Basically I need a usb host shield, so I just placed an order on Circuits@home:

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