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I am using VSCode to write some code for my arduino and have what is probably a relatively dumb question...

How do I change the main sketch file?

As in, when you first open the program and hit the "verify" or "upload" button, it gives you a text box to select which file you want to work with. But I want to upload a different file now but am not sure how to change which one the IDE is working with.

The only way I am able to work around this without completely restarting the program is to rename the previous file to "[filename].h" or some other extension that cannot upload to an arduino board and only then it gives me the option to select the main sketch file again.

Thanks, learning a new IDE can be frustrating sometimes  >:(


That really sounds like dumb question, maybe you don't describe your problem properly?

Write your code and save it once, then try to upload it to the board of your choice???

It is like any other text editor, so use it like one.

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