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Hello, I did last time in the Eagle program 4 years ago. I would like to make a PCB board which is very simple, there will be: LCD display 20x4, I2C converter, RFID reader RC522, Arduino Nano, or future AtMega328. I downloaded various parts that are not given in standard libraries. The LCD display may seem to be a must, however?

It would be enough for the I2C converter to make that design. On the RFID reader I found it to be quite different (mirrored). Here is the second question .. When I draw it, does it mean I look at these modules from above? I'm a little overwhelmed ...
I came out of this design (RFID reader I mirrored inverted) grid I set to 1.27mm. Has anyone managed to dismantle, position, or see a problem somehow?

It should only be a single board as a prototype and later I want to replace the Nano for the AtMega328 with an internal oscillator. The principle is just reading a few keys (22pcs) and measuring time (stopwatch).

And I'm going to display it .. I imagine so that the transducer there from the back of the board and display front .. It should work this way, or I would get those I2C pins from the converter pulled on some pins on the PCB and they would go to A4 A5 ..
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Is 150mA enough current for the RFID board?
Does it need 3.3V level signals? If yes, add a cd74HC4050 powered with 3.3V to do the conversion.
74AHC125 powered with 5V to buffer the 3.3V signals back to 5V to the processor.

SDA/SCL will need 4.7K pullup resistors.
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